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Increasing interest by non-Lego fans

Posted in NLSOs (Non-Lego Significant Others) by lfanquestions on August 23, 2009

Piltogg writes:

Do you know any good ways to get non-Lego fans, more interested? That would be very useful information. Thanks.

Dear Piltogg,

Family and friends often do not understand the “love of the brick” shared by fellow Lego fans.  They view the hobby as childish.  How do you teach them to view bricks as an artistic medium and not only a child’s toy?  The key is to find out what their hobbies and interests are.  Ideas include classic sports cars, military models, and doll houses.

By showing your friend or family member an awesome model of something that interests them, they will gain an appreciation for the possibilities of the brick.  And if you have a pile of bricks lying around, they may even want to modify one of your models or build their own.

My other suggestion would be to take your family members or friends to a large Lego convention’s public day.  They will be impressed by the variety and complexity of mocs displayed at a convention.  I wish you success in sharing our hobby with others.