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Sculptures Set Values

Posted in Collecting Bricks & Sets, Marketplace by lfanquestions on August 27, 2010

Sandra writes:

I went to a tag sale and purchaed Ollie the Dragon, the statue of Liberty.  Also purchased 2 lego mini-fig sculptures.  I was wondering the value of these.

Dear Sandra,

Congratulations on your great discovery of sculpture sets!  The Statue of Liberty contains many rare sand green elements and is worth approximately $350 – $500 USD if complete.

The other sets can be built out of basic bricks and are not as valuable.  These sets should be worth $100 – $200 USD if they are complete with instructions.



LEGO Set Investment

Posted in Collecting Bricks & Sets, Marketplace by lfanquestions on July 12, 2010

Sammy writes:


I used to play with Lego town sets in the late 80’s, early 90’s before entering the Lego dark ages. I have now fallen in love with Lego again and started purchasing the newer sets, but this time from an investment view. Also, I notice that the old Lego town sets have increased in value. Would it be wise investing in them at this point in time in the hope they will increase in value a further 10 years down the line?

For example, I recently picked up ‘6385: Fire House-I’ (a 1985 release) for around USD $250. Investment wise, is this a wise investment and will the value skyrocket 10 years go up down the line?

In terms of modern sets, apart from the modular and licensed sets, do other sets have value? For example, do you have foresee 7641: City Corner as a good investment?


Sorry for the many questions but I just want to make sure I am not investing around USD $1,000 a year in dead investments.

Dear Sammy,

Any investment carries the risk that you could lose most of your initial capital.  Collectors like rare sets in pristine mint condition.

Promotional sets with low production quantities will usually hold their value over the long term.  Recent examples include:

Certain licensed lines such as Batman increased in value after the line was discontinued.  Many fans purchased, built, and played with these sets.  Later, they sold the used sets for a large profit in order to buy other Lego sets.



Collectable Minifigures: Series 1

Posted in Collecting Bricks & Sets, Marketplace by lfanquestions on July 12, 2010

Michael writes:

Dear LFan,

Why were the Series 1 Minifigs so rare and difficult to find? Did lego really not anticipate the demand? Why the secondary barcodes that made each fig identifiable?

For those of us who were unable to complete a set of Series 1 MiniFigs and have some extras… where can we go about finding an active AFOL community to trade these rather than engaging in buy and sell on bricklink, ebay, etc.

Is TLG adjusting their production for Series 2? Sure hope so.

Dear Michael,

Large retail stores were skeptical that collectable minifigures would be popular.  These stores did not order many cases of figures.

TLG is aware of high demand for the figures and will likely increase production of future series.  Since most sets are produced months in advance, increased production will likely happen for later series of collectable minifigures.

Several fan sites have collectable minifigure trade treads:


LEGO Minifigures

Posted in Collecting Bricks & Sets, Marketplace by lfanquestions on June 1, 2010

Brad writes:

Hi LEGO fan!

I really like the new line of collectible LEGO figs, but I don’t live anywhere near a LEGO Store. Do you know if there is any option for folks like me? I know that many people have gotten their hands on them (enough that Eurobricks has held a contest based on them) and some people have been able to buy cases. So, my question:

Are there any retail outlets, other than LEGO Stores, that sell them? Are there any places that sell cases? Are there any plans for LEGO to sell them through U.S. Shop @ Home? Or are my only options ebay, bricklink, amazon, etc.?


Dear Brad,

The figures are selling out at North American Toys R Us stores in around two weeks.  This is due to the small supply (around two cases) that each store is receiving.

The figures will be available on Shop at Home soon:

Figures will be sold individually from SAH.  We do not yet know if customers will receive a sealed case if they order that quantity of figures.



Alternate Set Colors and Glue

Posted in Collecting Bricks & Sets by lfanquestions on April 12, 2010

Joao writes:

I recently found the Lego Dragon set (3724) and its instructions. I
would like to build it but with a different color pattern. Is there
software that I can use to load a set and then visualize it with
different colors?

This set seems to be made mostly of “standard” bricks and plates. What
would be the most cost-efficient way of obtaining these pieces?
Digital designer? Pick a brick? BrickLink? Ebay? Other?

Also, is there a LEGO-compatible temporary glue that can be used to
assemble this in a semi-permanent fashion? It would be sturdy for
display but if we end up wanting to get the pieces back, we could
maybe dissolve the glue with another compound and recover the bricks.

Thanks for all the work you put into this site. It is really useful!

Dear Joao,

You can find the set inventory here:

The set contains 30 types of green elements which you will replace with another color.  Create a want list of these elements on BrickLink.  Then search for larger stores that will have many of the pieces you need.

Most fans are not in favor of using glue.  However, you may want to check out a craft glue such as Sobo.  This type of glue will set up quickly but should be removable with water in the future.



LEGO Exclusives at Brick and Mortar Stores?

Posted in Collecting Bricks & Sets, Marketplace by lfanquestions on April 12, 2010

Dan writes:

Any idea if or when retail stores will pick up current exclusive items like the Imperial Flagship or Grand Emporium?  Thanks for your time.

Dear Dan,

Certain exclusive sets may be sold by brick and mortar retail stores such as Toys R Us approaching holiday seasons.  My recommendation would be to order the sets online from Shop at Home or Amazon during the holiday discount season later this year.


Vintage LEGO House Instructions

Posted in Collecting Bricks & Sets, Instructions by lfanquestions on March 30, 2010

Helen writes:

Hi. I have all the parts for a 1970s red brick, red tiled house set (bought in UK).  It has a green base, a TV arial and red lattice fencing.  I remember building it as a child, but the instructions and box are long since lost.  How can I replace the instructions, so I can build it with my son?

Dear Helen,

I believe that you own one of the following sets:

Peeron is an excellent resource to find instructions and part inventories of old sets.  Many fans build the sets from the instructions online or print out copies of the old instructions.  Original instructions can be purchased on the secondary market here:


LEGO Club Points

Posted in Collecting Bricks & Sets, Marketplace by lfanquestions on March 17, 2010

Darin writes:

I was looking through my old instruction manuals and noticed on the back corner were point values.  I tried looking around to see what it was for but came up empty.  I assume is was some sort of reward program.  Do you know what those points were used for exactly?  Or where to find a list to see how many points got you something.

Dear Darin,

The triangle “points” on the back corners of instructions were used for LEGO Club offers.  A child could save up for free or discounted sets and gear such as T-Shirts.

I do not think there is an online list of the different offers.  Unfortunately scans of old LEGO Club magazines and Shop at Home catalogs are very incomplete on resource sites such as It would be nice if more fans who own these documents would scan and submit them to the resource sites.