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Creating a new LUG

Posted in AFOL Events, LUGs (LEGO Users Groups) by lfanquestions on March 30, 2010

Stephen writes:

Myself and a couple of friends who are all Adult LEGO users/collectors are thinking of forming a local LUG.

Have you any idea where we might be able to get some general information about what is required to set up a LUG? What if any legal issues there are? Is there some central point of registration with The Lego Group?

I realize that locality will have an effect on legislative issues – but any help at this time would be good.

Dear Stephen,

LEGO Users Groups can be very structured with a large bureaucracy or an informal group of fans that meet regularly.  I would recommend the latter type since you live in a large country where many fans are separated by distance.
A few basic decisions must be made for a new lug:

  • Will we require an annual membership fee?
  • What types of club officers are needed (Treasurer, Webmaster, President, etc)?
  • How old does a person need to be to join our club?
  • Where will we meet?
  • How often will we meet?
  • How often will we have club shows for the public?
  • How will we raise money to support the club layout?
  • What type of club gear is needed (shirts, name badges, etc)?

Try to keep club rules to a minimum.  Massive club bylaws can be a huge distraction.  Just ask any Wamalug member about this.

Add your new lug to the lugmap: You can also request a lugnet newsgroup for your lug.  Publicize your shows online.  This is the best way for TLG to notice your lug.  Once your lug is active in the local community, you will be eligible for participation in TLG programs such as LUGBulk.

If your club grows by leaps and bounds and is raking in cash, you will probably want to become a LLC or non-for-profit organization.  My suggestion is to have fun meeting with other local AFOLs on a regular basis.




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