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Residential Buildings in City?

Posted in Marketplace, Set Design by lfanquestions on March 1, 2010

Chris writes:

Dear LFan,
Although not officially part of the LEGO: City line, are any of the currently available Creator 3-in-1 house sets (6754, 4996, etc.) scaled appropriately for minifigures?  (or close enough for a five-year old’s play?)

Where are the homes and apartments for LEGO: City?

Thanks for any clues.

Dear Chris,

TLG and fans have created a variety of minifigure scales.  The current Creator houses are designed to roughly the same scale as current City buildings found in sets such as 7641 City Corner.   The sets can fill a residential gap in the City theme.

Many young children prefer vehicle sets.  That is why the majority of the City line is comprised of Fire, Police, and Construction vehicles.  A large number of fans agree with you that TLG should add more buildings to their City theme.  AFOLs enjoy building the expensive Market Street buildings but it would be nice to have smaller buildings to give to our sons, daughters, nieces, and nephews.




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