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SAH Phone Sales and Deals

Posted in Marketplace by lfanquestions on February 22, 2010

Michael writes:

Dear LFan….

Kick A.. Blog, I wish you got more questions simply so I could learn more… so I thought I would try it.

How do the Lego Shop@Home Phone Deals work?

I see these posted to “members only” portions of lego community sites such as FBTB.

What are these, can anyone get them, and how do I find out what the weekly DL is?

Dear Michael,

LEGO Shop at Home uses their weekly phone sales to clear out small amounts of inventory.  Usually these items are sold out at online Shop at Home.

In the USA, a new week’s specials begin at 8AM Eastern Time every Wednesday.

Call 1-800-835-4386 and press 4 for the deals recording.

Websites such as and post lists of these sets later in the day.  By that time, most of the good sets will be purchased by BrickLink and eBay resellers.  Calling in at 8AM is the best method to get the sets.

After you have listened to the recording, speak to a SAH representative and place your order.  I like to have open on my computer to check out images and original MSRP of the sets.

Make sure to check the online sales and deals page.  Sometimes those discounts are better for a set than the phone special discount.



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