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Wanted Lists, Inventories, and Catalog Management

Posted in Collecting Bricks & Sets, Inventories, Sorting, & Storage by lfanquestions on February 18, 2010

Misha writes:

Hi! Some questions I came up with:

1. I recently started using Wanted Lists – they save so much time
finding parts and sets I need across all the vendors. I’ve since
created a few lists for the stuff I need, such as:

– part-out lists for sets I WTB part by part over time (rare stuff,
overpriced/underrepresented classics)
– sets to buy if the price is right (sets I want with price set to
reasonably low, with email notification)
– parts I need (MOC and missing parts list – most useful for searching
by shop, but needs constant cleanup/adjustment after each order)
– main list (etc., usually empty for some elbow room when organizing lists)

Are there any other good ways of using the wanted lists? Perhaps your
readers will be able to think of more?

2. Are you using any sites for the parts and set management – like
Peeron? Is it really worthwhile? I’d really love to hear about it!

3. Can you offer any advice on how best to take and submit part images
to Bricklink and/or other inventory sites? I also see many rendered
images (i.e. not actual photos) – how are those generated, and why
aren’t they used for everything?


Dear Misha,

You seem to be utilizing most of the benefits of wanted lists on Our readers are free to post other wanted list suggestions.

I am not using Peeron or Lugnet to inventory my parts and sets.  Several of my Lego friends do use these systems.  It is much easier to plan large mocs based on an accurate sorted inventory of bricks.  Taking the time to sort and inventory a giant collection is the main drawback.  Many fans would rather spend this time building.

Check out for information on creating rendered brick images.  Fans map out existing elements in 3D.  New elements, obscure elements, and complicated elements (ie: Elephant) may not be available in LDraw yet.  This is why photographs are used for these elements on Peeron and BrickLink.  Each site has unique requirements for inventory submission.  Please check out these sites:



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