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Fire Brigade Discount?

Posted in Collecting Bricks & Sets, Marketplace by lfanquestions on February 18, 2010

Kyle writes:

Hi Lfan,

I’ve heard that every time a new building/set is released in the Cafe Corner style, the previous set is marked down for a limited time on Shop @ Home. I witnessed this happen with Green Grocer when Fire Brigade was released, but only heard that the same thing had happened to Cafe Corner when Green Grocer was released. My questions are as follows:

– Has this trend happened consistently in the past?
– Has there been any word that Fire Brigade will be marked down when Grand Emporium launches in March?
– How deep is the discount on Fire Brigade likely to be, based on previous trends?

Thanks in advance,

Dear Kyle,

This Shop at Home discount occurred when the Green Grocer and Fire Brigade sets were released.  I do not believe there was a discount when the Market Street was released.

We do not know if the Fire Brigade will have a similar discount.  The set should still be available when the Grand Emporium is released.  Waiting to purchase the Fire Brigade could be a wise decision.

Previous discounts were around twenty percent off.  These sets also go on sale with similar discounts during the holiday season on sites such as Amazon.




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