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Fan Created Instructions

Posted in Construction Techniques by lfanquestions on February 11, 2010

Brandon writes:

I have a great time looking at all of the great photos on the internet of the various MOC’s created by so many AFOL’s (and the non-adult FOL out there).  But is there a reason why you never see instructions on how to build them yourself or a parts list?  I realize that it would time consuming and a little disruptive in the creation process, but I think it would be great for the builders out there with less imagination or younger ones (like my kids) that see something great that they would like to build.

Does TLC have some policy where people can’t provide this information based on some fear that there will be some confusion or competition with their own official sets?

Dear Brandon,

A small percentage of fans do make instructions for their MOCs using Ldraw.  Check out fan created instructions here:

There was a great online resource, Building Instructions Portal, for finding fan instructions:

Creating high quality instructions is a time consuming process for fans and TLG.  Most fans prefer to spend that additional time building.

LEGO must focus on making instructions for the sets they are currently selling.  The company does not regulate fan instructions or creations in any way.  Fans that create custom sets for sale include a disclaimer that they are not affiliated with TLG.



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