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Posted in General Questions by lfanquestions on February 10, 2010

Chris writes:

Dear LFan,
Some questions regarding the various LEGO-picture-hosting website options (i.e. Flickr, MOCpages, Brickshelf, etc.):

1) Which is the most effective website for soliciting constructive comments for one’s MOCs?

2) To which audiences or contributors do the different websites cater?

3) A post on which site is most likely to get the attention of a LEGO news blog (i.e. ‘The Brothers Brick’)?

Thanks for any advice!


Dear Chris,

Flickr has an advantage because comments can be left directly on parts of a moc photograph.  Posting  a “my own creation”  in a thread on a community forum will also give you excellent constructive feedback.

Brickshelf and MOCpages cater directly to the entire community.  Younger builders tend to use MOCpages.  Brickshelf is great for fans because it only hosts Lego related images.

High quality of design is much more important than the location of hosted images.  Blogs often highlight mocs from the various image hosting sites, Lego theme sites, and individual’s webpages.




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