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VW Beetle

Posted in Collecting Bricks & Sets, Marketplace by lfanquestions on February 8, 2010

Brian writes;

I was wondering if you could give me any input on the Volkswagen Beetle set.  It has gone on sale for $89.99 so this might lead me to the following conclusions:

(1) the item may be retired soon
(2) it wasn’t as popular

Of course I say that and there have been several that have dropped in price and went on to be double after they retired.  Would you recommend the beetle as an investment piece?  Thanks for the help.

Dear Brian,

Yes.  The VW Beetle set is now selling out online and at retail locations.  TLG could have reduced the price to clear out old stock and make room for a LEGO Direct to Consumer product like the new 10211 Grand Emporium set.

An iconic sports car likely would have sold very well for TLG.  More fans worldwide voted for the Beetle.  My guess is that a Ford Mustang fastback would have been very popular in North America.

The Beetle will be a decent investment because it contains a large amount of dark and light blue plates and bricks.  In addition, Lego fans and VW fans will be interested in this set.  However, I would not expect a gigantic jump in value found in other exclusive sets such as the Statue of Liberty.



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