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Lego Set Investments 2.0

Posted in Uncategorized by lfanquestions on January 12, 2010

Ilene writes:

Hi Lego Fan,

I am interested in purchasing Lego sets as an investment and perhaps selling discontinued sets for a premium at a later date.  I’d love your advice on how to learn early about which sets/themes will be discontinued and when to buy at the best price for an investment?  Thanks so much.


Dear Ilene,

Retail chains (Walmart, Target, Toys R Us, etc) constantly want new Lego products to sell.  Most sets will not be available longer than two years.  The best deals are often found when a line is phased out and sets are on clearance.

Extremely popular and profitable lines such as Star Wars are rarely on clearance.  It is better to look for retail sales such as 25% off or “buy two get one free”  for long-term toy lines.

Demand for Lego set is very high now.  It may not be as high in a few years.  The sellers who stockpiled Lego several years ago when it was extremely affordable are now reaping the benefits.  It may be more difficult today to find deals and turn a high profit in the future.




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  1. Robin said, on January 13, 2010 at 2:04 pm

    The rule of selling vintage products at a premium applies to all kinds of items and not just LEGO toys. People underestimate the effort required to run such an operation and the constraints. A $200 set may gain in value in 2-3 years but how much? considering the shipping costs and the sunk costs of time/effort to run an operation like this I believe LEGO fans are better off putting their money elsewhere.
    Besides, which LEGO fan would want to sell their vintage LEGO and not have it as a prized collection? I cannot dream of selling my black falcon’s fortress or the yellow castle 🙂

  2. Chris said, on May 4, 2010 at 4:14 pm

    not all that true. the way i fund my expensive hobby (lego) is to sell lego. i have my personal collection, and i wont sell anything from that. then i have my bricklink store. those lego are separate from my personal. i havent spent one single dollar on lego since i started my lego store. it did take about 150 investment, but i payed my self back within 1 month and now after 3 months of this i have well over 1000 dollars in my pay-pal account just for my lego purchases

    worth a shot…

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