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Introducing a child to LEGO building

Posted in Construction Techniques, Inventories, Sorting, & Storage by lfanquestions on January 6, 2010

Shawn writes:

I have a moderate sized collection at this point (by some standards, maybe not by die-hards who have collected for 20+ years) of 15,000+ pieces. Some elements are sorted, but more than two thirds are unsorted in multi-gallon bins. My daughter is almost at an age where she can play with LEGO System pieces without supervision. I’d like to partition out a subset of pieces so that she does not get overwhelmed by all the various choices, as well as giving me the opportunity to introduce new elements in over time. Outside of reassembling smaller sets for her to build, do you have any other recommendations on how to partition my collection?

Dear Shawn,

Young children seem less concerned about having an organized collection than AFOLs.  Rebuilding small sets is a good way to start.  LEGO Basic sets from the 1970’s and 1980’s, LEGO Creator sets, and bulk tub sets produced today are a great way to introduce children to the brick.  These sets focus on basic building bricks which allow children to use their imagination.



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