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The Bionicle Audience

Posted in Marketplace, Set Design by lfanquestions on December 14, 2009

Joao writes:

Who is the target audience of the Bionicles? I first noticed them several years ago and “didn’t get them”. Recently I started looking at LEGO again and noticed they are still around so there must be a commercial success behind it, but they seem so un-LEGO with many incompatible pieces and a very aggressive and combat tone of play rather than adventure/story with the rest. What’s behind these and how do they fit the LEGO universe?

Dear Joao,

Bionicle sets were designed for boys who like action figures and stories.  TLG successfully broke into this area of the market by creating figures with collectable masks.  Many fans of the brick are less interested in Bionicle sets because their elements are more difficult to fit into the LEGO system.  However, the Bionicle theme was profitable for a long time which helped the company.

In the past few years the popularity of Bionicle sets decreased while regular system sets  increased.  This is likely the reason behind TLG’s decision to discontinue Bionicle in favor of an updated construction action figure line in 2010.




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