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Custom Colored Element Order?

Posted in LUGs (LEGO Users Groups), Marketplace by lfanquestions on December 7, 2009

John writes:


Would it ever be possible for a group of AFOLs (LUG or LTC) to have a custom batch of parts molded by The LEGO Group? To maintain any remote chance of the answer being yes, naturally there would be restrictions:

– Current part mold

– Current ABS color

– Minimum quantity (multiple K8s)

Thanks for the terrific website!


Dear John,

It is unlikely that TLG would allow orders of elements in colors that are not in production.  Currently they are testing out a LUGBULK order for many lugs around the world (but not the USA).  This allows lugs to order pieces for their displays which TLG is already producing.

LEGOLAND theme parks could order unique colors in the past.  This ability was taken away after the parks were divested from TLG.  Small batch orders of parts are expensive for Lego to produce.

A more realistic solution would be for fan communities to contact TLG through their LEGO Ambassadors and suggest popular elements to be placed in future sets.  Ideas include fall colored foliage, doors and windows in less common colors, etc.



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  1. John said, on December 8, 2009 at 9:23 pm

    Just got the latest Shop@Home email – any information on the building on the far left in the holiday gift shop image?

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