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LEGO Quatro?

Posted in Marketplace, Product Quality & Safety, Set Design by lfanquestions on December 4, 2009

Mike writes:

As I purchased a set of the big Megabloks bricks (ages 1+) this weekend, I wondered what happened to Lego Quatro? I remember them, and thinking they would be great for young kids, being bigger than duplo, but now as we’re expecting our first child, they are no longer available.

Dear Mike,

When TLG was restructuring in 2006 after near collapse several years earlier, they decided to discontinue the Quatro line.  Currently they are only focusing on the 2+ age range with Duplo sets.

You can find these sets and pieces in the secondary market:

Prices are reasonable but shipping could be expensive.

This is the one area of the construction toy market that Mega has firmly established.  My guess is that TLG could not generate enough business selling more expensive, but higher quality, bricks to parents of one year olds.




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