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Getting Started as an AFOL

Posted in General Questions, LUGs (LEGO Users Groups) by lfanquestions on November 19, 2009

Matthew writes:

Dear LFan,

You might be the best person to ask.  I just recently got really back into Lego bricks and as an adult wanted to know what I can do.  I see the websites of MOCs but my skill level (and budget) is not there yet.  Also Lego Groups website about activities for adults and even the certified/ambassador programs leaves me more questions than answers.

How can I become professional/certified/ambassador status?  Or at least..what would the first step be?

Thank you for your time and your quick response.


Dear Matthew,

Getting involved in the Adult Fan of Lego (AFOL) community is a great idea.

First you should check and see if there is a Lego Users Group (LUG) near you.  Check out the map here: Lugs hold regular meetings where you can join other fans to share creations, build new sets, and discuss everything Lego related.  They also have public displays several times a year.

Next you should look into online forums and sites for Lego fans.  Most themes have fan sites.  Take a look at the following communities and join the ones you are interested in: – Star Wars – Castle – Space – Pirates – Pirates – Trains and Town – Bionicle

The third step is to attend a large fan festival.  I recommend attending the convention that is near you.  Check out information about the North American Fests here: – East Coast in Washington, D.C. – Mid West in Chicago – West Coast in Seattle

Lego Ambassadors represent lugs and online communities by giving fan feedback to the Lego Company.  Certified professionals build large models on commission for companies and individuals.  Both groups represent a small niche in the community.  I hope you have found this information helpful.



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  1. Bill Ward said, on December 9, 2009 at 10:09 pm

    Also, Bricks by the Bay will be happening in April 2010 (San Francisco Bay Area, specifically Fremont, CA). See for details.

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