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Rare Bionicle Masks

Posted in Collecting Bricks & Sets, Marketplace, Product Quality & Safety by lfanquestions on November 16, 2009

The Lego Obsessionist writes:

Dear LFan,

As a active bionicle fan I can tell you where most any given bionicle element comes from.  This is not to say the brickopedia in my head is flawless- every once in a while I will be baffled by an odd piece.  But across the web I have seen an abundence of odd- colored Mata and Nuva masks- for example, white Mirus or red KauKaus.  These masks are not in any set, Toa, Matoran, Rahi, or otherwise (I checked).  Where did these come from, and where might I get some?

The Lego Obsessionist

Dear Lego Obsessionist,

Rare colors are usually in house prototype pieces that were not intended for public release.  It is a safe assumption that most elements have been produced in a wide variety of colors in house.  Fans view these elements as rare and collectable.  Designers do not share this opinion.  They think of how they can use the pieces in new sets.

There are several ways elements like these have made their way into the secondary market.  Rare colored elements and occasional prototype elements have been sold at LEGOLAND theme park Pick-A-Brick walls in the past.  Other mold test elements, such as the red ghost, were not properly disposed of and made their way into circulation.  Finally, some employees must be giving out elements to fans.  Certain sellers have a wide variety of rare elements that they would not be able to sell without a reliable source.

In order to find these parts, I would suggest reviewing the available Bionicle elements on BrickLink:



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  1. Brickbuilder0937 said, on November 17, 2009 at 4:20 am

    These masks actually came in mask packs, with 2 randomly packed masks and three other collectibles. These came with all the masks in different colors and were only availabe in the Mata and Nuva designs. Apparently you were supposed to “collect them all”.

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