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Lego Sold by Weight

Posted in Marketplace by lfanquestions on November 13, 2009

Jacky writes:

Dear Lego Fan,

I just started getting back into Lego Collecting and Building after see all these great creations from The Brothers Brick. I am amazed by what people created and want to be part of it. Currently, I am collecting pre-designed sets such as Green Grocer and Cafe Corner. But soon, I want to start designing and building my own models, but I don’t want to tear down those great creations as they inspire me.

I remember in one of the Ask a Lego Fan Q&A you suggested that buying bulk lots of bricks from Garage Sale, Ebay, etc to expand our collection. I found lots of brick for sale on Ebay, some are sold in lbs and some are sold in pieces. Is there any guideline on how many bricks average per lb? I know it varies based on sizes, but is there any rough guide on that?

Also, what would is the average price per lb or per pieces for such bricks? I found that some Ebay shop are selling 500pcs Lot for about 30 USD while I found a brand new box of 650 pcs box for 29.99 ( Does that mean Amazon has a better deal on build pieces?

Thanky you

Dear Jacky,

A good price range for bulk used Lego is five to seven dollars a pound.  Of course a pound of old light grey bricks is worth much more than a pound of Jack Stone sets.  Due to the wide variety of Lego elements produced, knowing the amount of bricks in a random lot is difficult.

Auction sites can be good sources for sets and small lots of elements.  Many bulk lots on eBay have already been “cherry picked” for the rare elements, minifigures, and accessories. or new sets should be used to increase your collection of building elements.

New bulk brick boxes from Lego offer a variety of basic bricks for a low price.  The set you link to has a 4.6 cent price per piece ratio.  Any new set which has a price per piece ratio of 10 cents or lower is a good buy.  Check out sets in the creator line for affordable and useful elements.




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  1. Darin said, on November 13, 2009 at 6:10 pm

    I agree, $5- $7 is about right for bulk purchases. Usually you can find good deals on eBay, but if that lot has many minifigs included, prepare to pay more. Surprisingly, I have found my best purchases through craigslist. Do separate searches for “lego” and “legos” and you can usually find a good deal every so often. You just have to be quick to respond because they will go fast.

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