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Standard Technic Colors

Posted in Construction Techniques, Set Design by lfanquestions on November 3, 2009

Esteban writes:

Why is it that current Bionicle sets are limited to blue triple friction pins and red + rods? They both came in black in the past which looked far better on all the sets. Now there is an  annoying red standing out on blue or awful blue sticking out on red. What was the cause for this switch?

Dear Esteban,

Several years ago TLG decided to make most technic pins and gears in only one color.  This allows children to build sets more easily and not confuse elements.

Many fans of Bionicle and playthemes (City, Castle, etc) are not pleased.  These “wrong” colors do look out of place in sets.  Ideally Bionicle could receive technic elements that match the set.

Play theme sets also have a much higher amount of technic elements than in the past.  Reducing technic elements in these sets and adding more basic bricks and plates would be one possible solution.



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