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Which convention should I attend?

Posted in LUGs (LEGO Users Groups) by lfanquestions on November 1, 2009

Chris writes:

Which of the major US Lego conventions (BrickCon, BrickWorld, BrickFair) would you recommend to an adult first-time attendee?  How do the conventions differ?  Thanks for any advice!


Dear Chris,

My first recommendation is to attend the nearest show.  This will reduce travel expenses and increase the amount of time you can spend at the fest.

Each convention has advantages and disadvantages.  BrickWorld is the largest convention.  It draws many people due to the central location near Chicago.  The festival is located at a Westin Hotel and has more of a “corporate” feel than other fests.  A large portion of the convention is dedicated to public days.

BrickCon is slightly smaller convention located in Seattle.  It offers a friendly informal atmosphere similar to the BrickFest conventions in the early 2000’s.  Many AFOLs and TLG employees prefer attending this type of fest.

BrickFair is the most recent convention.  This fest actually had the most attendees last year of any USA convention.  Many families attended with children and teens bringing their own mocs.  A large portion of the organizers were involved with BrickFest throughout the last decade. With this vast amount of experience, BrickFest offers wonderful sessions for AFOLs.

Attending your first large convention will be a blast no matter which one you choose. Have fun!



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  1. Justin said, on November 2, 2009 at 8:30 pm

    I would like to add that what theme you like could influence your opinion. If you like castle go for Brickworld or BrickCon. If you like town go for Brickworld. If you like Sci-fi go for Brickfair or Brickcon.

  2. Darin said, on November 3, 2009 at 12:44 am

    Also note that the first ever Bricks By the Bay is slated for April 2010 in Fremont, CA. A con in the bay area is really nice to have.

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