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AFOL Pronunciation

Posted in LUGs (LEGO Users Groups) by lfanquestions on October 30, 2009

Stephen writes:


A simple question. How does one say AFOL?
From time to time I will see an obvious AFOL in the LEGO section of a department or toy store. I’d dearly like to ask…
“Are you an AFOL too?” to start a conversation with a fellow collector/builder. However – no matter how I pronounce it – it always sound slightly offensive. Probably best not to spell out what I think it sounds like. But think of an insult starting with A and ending in ole.

Ay-fol could be mistaken for A Hole….

Aff-ol sounds like the same sort of insult with a lisp.

Ay Ef Oh El sounds – well too long winded really.

I suppose I could just ask if my fellow shopper is buying for himself or a child. But even that sounds a little odd and I guess intrusive.

Perhaps we need to develop an AFOL secret handshake to recognise each other in public?


Dear Stephen,

Fans use a variety of ways to pronounce AFOL.  Since it is an acronym, I personally prefer A.F.O.L.  Check out an interesting discussion regarding this topic on

Many fans are not very fond of the term AFOL.  Some prefer LEGO Enthusiast or Lego Fan.



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