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LEGO in the Middle East

Posted in Marketplace by lfanquestions on October 29, 2009

Philip writes:

Hi Lego Fan

My question is do you know of any Lego retailers or LUG’s in the Middle East? I’m based in Qatar and am finding it difficult to get Lego. We have a small Toy’s R Us but they are way over priced and cater mostly for Bionicle. Shipping of parts from US or Europe is killing me.

Several searches online have failed to reveal any AFOL’s or LUG’s in the area and I’d like to meet up with some fellow fans to discuss ideas and buy/swap parts.

Dear Philip,

ToysRUS is likely your best retail option at this time.  Other retailers who stock Lego products will have higher prices.  With the cost of shipping, you are likely paying double the msrp of sets in the States.  This method is the most cost effective way to get a wide variety of product in the Middle East.  Since TLG has difficulty meeting product demand in their main markets, Europe and North America, I doubt that smaller markets will see lower prices and wide product selection in the near future.

There is a Lego Users Group in Turkey, Turklug.  Check out their website: Turklug’s Lego Ambassador, Cagri Yuz, is working to increase dialogue between fans of this area and the company.  I do not know of other lugs in the region.




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