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Discounted Sets at LEGO Brand Stores

Posted in Marketplace by lfanquestions on October 26, 2009

Chip writes:

This question may be too specific for retailing, but it focuses on something that’s been bugging me for a bit and I hope you can provide some insight.

About this time last year I went to my first LEGO store – the one on Michigan Avenue in Chicago. It was a great store, and there was a wall in the back that had some killer deals on sets. About six months later I went to the LEGO store in Ontario California, which was billed as a LEGO outlet. Again, they had a section of the store that had great deals on sets.

Since then, whenever I’ve traveled I’ve looked for places that have LEGO stores in search of deals. I’ve been to three – Cincinnati, Oklahoma City and Denver (this store was in an outlet mall like the store in California). All three of them seem to be cut from the new mold for these outlets – narrow,long rectangular stores with little beyond basic models on display. And the most disappointing part – nothing on sale. The Denver store – again billed as an outlet – had maybe two items (Duplo) marked down. The last store I went to (OKC) literally had a damaged Christmas ornament box and two individual Bionicle pieces at a $2 discount.

So my question is this – has there been in a change in how these store mark down items, or have I just been hitting them at a crappy time? It seemed like when I visited the first two stores that they were a great source for deals, but my experiences in the last three visits have been extremely disappointing. Any insights into where the sales have gone? Thanks!

Dear Chip,

LEGO Brand Stores will not always have discounted sets.  This can vary by the time of year.  In addition, sets discounted in one market may not need to be if they sell very well in another location.  Please also keep in mind that many damaged sets are often shipped to a location to be sold to fans at a large convention.  This happens at BrickCon in Seattle, BrickWorld in Chicago, and BrickFair in Washington D.C.  The final factor to keep in mind is that LEGO sets have been selling very well in the past two years.  High quantity of sales will diminish store discounts.

I recommend looking for sales on a wider range of sets at stores like Target, Walmart, ToysRUs, and online at Amazon and Lego Shop at Home.  The main benefit of Lego Brand stores is Pick-A-Brick and buying exclusive sets to have them right away.




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