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LEGO Layaway?

Posted in Marketplace by lfanquestions on October 19, 2009

Stephen writes:

Hi Again (I hope you don’t mind repeat offenders)

I wonder if you know of any future plans to provide LEGO branded finance? I realise that sounds an odd question – but stay with me here.

I have an expensive habit and have spent in the vicinity of AU$3000.00 to AU$5000.00 a year in previous years on new LEGO purchases. Mostly with LS@H but also on Brick Link and even eBay.

In order to control my habit I have limited myself to a budget of AU$50.00 per week. This means  – when I see a big set on LS@H I have to “save up” for a few weeks. In the meantime, while I’m madly saving for  10197 Fire Brigade – 10199 Christmas Toy Shop comes on the market. I’ll have to save a little more (I want two of those). But wait a second – the new ship 10210 Imperial Whatnot is coming in the New Year and I REALLY want one of those…I end up with a long list of wants and suffer a deal of stress hoping that I will have enough money saved up before the lines I really want are deleted or sold out.

So to cut a long story short – (too late I hear you cry) it would be highly advantageous if TLC offered some form of credit or lay-by system. I could send them my $50.00 a week and pay off my addiction on a weekly basis. A TLC company credit card would be great – and has a lot of potential as a loyalty/rewards type program. In addition I’d really enjoy paying for main stream purchases with a LEGO branded credit card ( I can see the design in my head already)

However I know that provision of credit is a bit issue – and not necessarily part of TLCs core business. SO perhaps the “lay-by” system would work better?

So my question dear lfan is – has TLC ever considered this? Have they ever totally ruled it out?



PS – I’m not sure “lay-by” is an international term. For readers not aware of it; A customer agrees to purchase an item – the item is removed from sale and stored in a back room somewhere while the customer pays installments. When fully paid – the item is available for collection (or shipping).

Dear Stephen,

All new LEGO related questions are welcome for this blog.

This “pay before you receive a product” service is offered by some retailers (Kmart, Sears, etc) in the USA but not directly by TLG.  Our term for “lay-by” is “layaway”.  I think your idea has merit because it encourages saving and is practical in these  difficult economic times.  However, I do not know if TLG would be willing to offer such a service because it would increase the complexity of their inventory and warehouse systems.  Keeping layaway sets in storage for long periods of time may not be in their best interest.

Creating an option for the current “gift card” program where you could send in “X” number of money each month and then spend when you are ready may be the best option.  I will pass along your suggestion to the appropriate people.



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