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Bionicle Price Increase

Posted in Marketplace, Set Design by lfanquestions on October 12, 2009

Justin writes:

Alright, I love the Bionicle line, but I noticed something; the heads, and sometimes the weapons, are only used once or twice and then thrown to the curb. Set prices have gone up from $10 to $13 (USD), all in one jump. It seems to me that using some of the hundreds of parts they have yet to reuse would lower the price a bit. Why don’t they do this?

Dear Justin,

There would be some cost savings to reusing molds more frequently.  I tend to look at Bionicle as an internal “licensed” line.  Licensed lines are often marketed to kids and adults who are collectors of each set.  Many people want unique figures and elements in new sets.  It helps drive demand.  This practice is worthwhile as long as the volume of sales is high to make up for the lower profit margin per set.

Unfortunately for Bionicle fans, the popularity and high sales of the line has declined from the highs of previous years.  This is why many Bionicle sets have been on sale in the past two years.  Lower sales volume could have led to higher prices.  But also keep in mind that increased labor costs, material costs, and the loss of value of the dollar are likely factors in the price increases.  This is also true of many playtheme system lines such as City and Castle.  Sets in those lines have gone up in price and some had their piece counts decreased.



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  1. Joe R. said, on November 3, 2009 at 10:07 pm

    Do you Know were I can get Really cheap realy realy cool lego peaces? If you know I would like to know. They would be Great for Lego movies! Sadly I lost my camera.well i could use some good minifigures for about around 3-15 $’s

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