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Lego Minifigure History

Posted in Product Quality & Safety, Set Design by lfanquestions on October 6, 2009

Ali writes:

Love the blog! This question may have been asked before but I wanted to know what is the history behind the Lego minifig? How it was designed and how it was received initially?

Has Lego ever decided to change the structure of the fig in the past? I guess it has become synonymous with Lego so changing now would be out of question. Just curious as to how it came about and if ever TLG has thought of updating/changing it.



Dear Ali,

Several years ago TLG published an article about the development of the minifigure in LEGO Life, an internal magazine for employees.  Check out the article, which was published with permission on

It is unlikely that the minifigure will be changed much in the future since the world identifies the LEGO Brand with these figures.



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