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Why is LEGO Popular?

Posted in Collecting Bricks & Sets, General Questions by lfanquestions on October 2, 2009

LegoCurious writes:

Hi, this seems really stupid but… I’ve heard a lot about LEGO and was surprised to find it’s really popular. The number of online clubs and guides was really surprising. I was just wondering, in your opinion, what about LEGO makes it so popular with kids and adults?

I figure I might buy a small set or something to try it out but wasn’t sure where to start… Can you recommend something? Thank you!

Dear LegoCurious,

LEGO bricks allow children and adults to express their creativity in three dimensions.  There is something very satisfying about clicking bricks together and designing a unique creation.

The best thing about Lego bricks is they can be taken apart and built into something new.  High quality ensures that you and future generations of your family will be able to spend hours of play with the bricks.

Many people enjoy buying sets from a theme that they are interested in:

I would recommend a Creator set.  These sets have instructions for three different models which you can build one at a time.  In addition, they usually have a generous amount of basic bricks and plates for the price.

Buckets of basic bricks can also be purchased:

These two sets would be good for basic elements:

I hope that this information is helpful to you.




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