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Building a Lego Collection

Posted in Marketplace by lfanquestions on October 1, 2009

Jonathan writes:

Hi LegoFan…

I’m restarting collecting Lego’s for me and my future kids… I live in Canada and I’m looking to buy bulk bricks. I would like to have access to a PAB wall but unfortunately we don’t have LegoStore in Canada…

I’ve been using and PAB on lego online shop… But I don’t find that profitable enough… Buy a lot of sets cost a lot of money, since here in Canada sets are sold at heavy prices…. eBay mostly offer lot of unsorted and used bricks  or unsorted lot of new bricks… in either case I can’t have specifically what I need…

You have any idea how can I build up a little collection ?


Dear Jonathan,

Shop at Home Pick a Brick prices are not nearly as affordable as LEGO Brand Stores.  However, they do have a much better selection.  From my experience, many of the in store PAB items are not very useful to adult fans of Lego.  Some pieces are ones that kids want such as steering wheels, common wheels, and tires.  Other elements are often not found in the colors you need.

You may want to visit a LEGO Brand store on vacation or make a friend in the USA who can ship you bulk bricks.  I know that fans in the USA can order from these stores by phone and have the bricks and sets shipped directly to them.  This may be an option for you.

If you are looking for specific bricks for a creation, Bricklink is still your most affordable option.  Their prices almost always are better than TLG prices.  The only downfall is you may have to order from multiple stores to get the quantity of elements you are looking for.

My last suggestion is to look at yard sales, garage sales, newspapers, local online buy/sell/trade sites, for collections of used Lego.  This is a great way to find old sets that could be passed along to your children.



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