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Posted in Product Quality & Safety, Set Design by lfanquestions on September 25, 2009

Maurits writes:


Do you have an idea of the logic behind the sorting of lego parts over the small bags in a large box-set?
The parts seem to be sorted, but the same bricks are in several bags so it’s not completely sorted. Is there a reason for this?



Stephen writes:

I have just completed sorting out the parts for 10193 (Medieval Village) and a question occurs.

Is there any rhyme or reason as to how TLC fill out the poly bags within a set?

Just when I think I have it worked out (dissimilar pieces together with colours separate too) they seem to change the rules and give me whole bags of one colour / one piece.

Perhaps it is just random?

Dear Maurits and Stephen,

Poly bags are filled so they each fall within a weight range.  This is how TLG can tell if all of the pieces you need are in a set.  So one bag may need four additional gray 1×1 round plates to bring it to a correct weight even though another bag has the other 36 1×1 round plates.

Recently LEGO Direct sets have many identical elements such as 30 2×2 corner bricks in color x.  In the case of sets with thousands of elements, it may be easier for TLG have some bags with only one or two types of elements.



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