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Cafe Corner Buildings

Posted in Collecting Bricks & Sets, Marketplace by lfanquestions on September 24, 2009

Francois writes:

Hi LFan,

I only very recently came back to Lego but I was very happy to take advantage of the 30$ the Green Grocer set that was in effect when the Fire Brigade went on sale. What I was wondering is if that was the way they usually do it. Was there a discount on Café Corner when the Green Grocer went on sale and one on the Market Street when Café Corner first arrived?

Also, does TLG usually give notice when a set is about to go out of production? I’m very dissapointed to have missed the Market Street and don’t want to miss my chance on the Café Corner.

Thanks in advance!

Dear Francois,

This is the first time that Shop at Home offered a discount on an older “Café Corner” style building when a new building was first released.

I expect all buildings of this series to have high prices after they are discontinued.  Since the Market Street set was part of the “LEGO Factory” fan designed sets, it was produced in smaller quantities.  This set will likely cost more because of a low supply.  It makes sense to purchase the Café Corner soon if you can because the set has been out for several years already.

During the holiday season, usually has large Lego sets discounted.  Check out their sales later this year for sets similar in size to the Café Corner.



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