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Lego Parts & Color Lists

Posted in Inventories, Sorting, & Storage by lfanquestions on September 16, 2009

Frankie writes:


The recent New York Times article ( says that there are now around 7,000 parts (down from 13,000). Is there a list anywhere of what these parts are?

Also, the colour change message ( that you linked to mentions a revised colour palette – is this available anywhere?



Dear Frankie,

The problem with creating and posting a list of current elements in production is that it is constantly changing.  If the product designers want to add a new element or bring back an old one, they have to take another element out of the system.  It would be nice if and added an option to look at elements released in sets for the past year. has two color charts:

Peeron colors:

Official LEGO Colors:

Their official chart contains colors that are out of production.  Perhaps one of our readers has a link to the current palette.



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