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Damaged Stickers in New Sets

Posted in Product Quality & Safety by lfanquestions on September 14, 2009

Stephan writes:


Loving this Q&A blog you have going. I have learned more about Lego and TLG in the past few weeks than I have in the five or so years since I came out of my dark ages.

I did experience a bit of a problem recently with stickers. The set of lovely gold foil stickers in “Grand Carousel” 10196 had become scrunched by the heavy motor and battery box. As a result the total effect is a bit nasty. My question is a two parter; a) Should I have contacted TLG and asked for a new sheet? would they have sent it? and b) Why wouldn’t the sticker sets be wrapped with a backer of stiff cardboard or similar?

Again – congrats on the great blog idea.

Dear Stephan,

Thank you for the compliments about this blog.  Helping other fans is important for the community.

Yes, you need to contact TLG if your sticker sheet arrived damaged in the box.  Customer service should send you a new copy for no additional charge.  Please contact them while the set is still being sold on Shop at Home.  Once it is gone, they may not have sticker sheets to send to customers.

For the past few years, sticker sheets and instructions have been damaged in many new sets.  This is because the boxes are large and the pieces move around and create damage.  The old LEGOLAND style boxes were smaller and had dividers inside larger boxes.  Using the old inner and outer box system is cost prohibitive.

Lego Ambassadors have suggested several possible solutions such as sleeves for the instructions and stickers or placing the stickers inside the instruction booklets to protect them.  It would be nice if TLG implemented a solution in the future.  Until this problem is solved we will have to contact customer service.


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