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Posted in Marketplace by lfanquestions on September 3, 2009

James writes:

A friend of mine recently told me he found a bunch of old sets in the back of his storage unit. I was wondering if you knew of any websites I could check, or people I could get in touch with to get the sets appraised, or maybe a list of current average price values of vintage sets. Any information would be much appreciated!

Thank you for all your hard work!


Dear James,

Check out the sets section of here:

Search for sets by number, theme, or year.  As an example, we will research 6391 Cargo Center, which was released in 1984 for LEGOLAND Town.  Once you find the set, click on the “catalog entry” link: Next, click the “Price Guide” link to see the high, low, and average sales prices for used and new copies in the past six months:

Bricklink set prices are higher than those found on eBay.  However, the Bricklink sets should not be missing pieces or have damaged pieces (excessive teeth marks, scratching, pen marks, highly noticeable yellowing, etc).  Sets sold on eBay often have these problems.  Think of eBay as the auction value and Bricklink as the insurance value in case you had to replace the set.

Set value is determined by condition of the bricks, box, and instructions and how complete the set is.  The most profitable way to sell a collection is one set at a time.  Lots that contain multiple sets often bring only half as much as if the sets were sold individually.  Selling in bulk reduces the amount of work for both parties.

Good luck in helping your friend find the value of his collection.



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