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Posted in Set Design by lfanquestions on September 1, 2009

Robin writes:

I was wondering about the (Star Wars) UCS sets.

The qualification UCS hasn’t got anything to do with minifigs or the absence of minifigs.  It’s also not the scale.  Is it the price?  The number of pieces?
If you take a look at the various official UCS sets, there is a lot of variation within these sets.  So…. What makes a set a UCS set?

Kind regards,

from Amsterdam

Dear Robin,

The Ultimate Collector Series Star Wars models were a large gamble for LEGO Direct in the early 2000’s.  Would fans pay over a hundred dollars (USD) for large-scale vehicles without figures?  Yes.  Of course LEGO also produced UCS sculptures (Yoda and Darth Maul) and an action figure (General Grievous), but most models were vehicles.

In 2007, the first UCS set with minifigures, the UCS Millennium, Falcon was released.  The addition of figures to these types of sets was debated widely.  Personally, I consider play sets with moving features and many figures to be exclusive system sets instead of UCS sets with complicated builds.

By adding new sets such as 10198 Tantive IV, the UCS brand is diluted.  This also happened to the LEGO Legends line several years ago.  For a while any old set was considered “Legendary” in Lego catalogs and magazines.  TLG can name any set they wish with the UCS label, but should carefully consider which sets truly deserve it.




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  1. Robin said, on September 10, 2009 at 10:49 am

    thanks for the answer! 🙂

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