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LEGO Brickmaster and Idea Books

Posted in Product Quality & Safety by lfanquestions on August 31, 2009

Lou writes,

I recently got a copy of Brickmaster Magazine. Having grown up drooling over Lego Catalogs and especially the Idea Books, I was hoping the pages would have some Lego creations but its mostly cartoons and computer-drawn junk. What a wasted opportunity to show kids some things actually made of Lego bricks.

Does it cost too much to actually build stuff out of Lego bricks or does the Lego Group not know its own strengths?

Dear Lou,

The LEGO Club magazine and Brickmaster Magazine follow a basic formula that TLG has been using for over twenty years.  These magazines typically include pictures of creations by children, cartoons, and building tips or alternate model instructions.  Check out issues from previous years of the magazines here:

Idea Books are different from club magazines.  They actually are quite expensive to produce because this requires large amounts of time from product designers and instruction designers.

I do have good news for you.  LEGO will soon be offering two Idea Books/Sets including bricks.  One book will be for Castle and the other for Pirates.  Please see the following links on

If you are interested in a magazine with creations from adult fans of Lego, please take a look at BrickJournal:




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