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BrickArms Custom Figures

Posted in Marketplace by lfanquestions on August 31, 2009

Chris writes:

Where can I resell and buy used BrickArms minifigs? Bricklink does not accept them, I do not see any on Ebay. Is no one willing to part with them or buy mine?

Dear Chris,

BrickArms custom minifigs are rare collectors items.  Demand outweighs supply for these figures.  My suggestion is to contact other collectors that you know by email, at fan events, or on fan forums to trade or purchase BrickArms minifigures.

Another option would be to use LEGO elements to create military figures.  Brickmania custom sets mainly use actual torsos, legs, and heads found in LEGO Adventurers and LEGO Indiana Jones Sets.  This would be much more affordable.

In addition, next year we will see the release of LEGO Toy Story sets including the iconic Green Army Men.  Check out pictures of these figures here:




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