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Favorite Set

Posted in General Questions by lfanquestions on August 30, 2009

Matt writes:

What is your favorite set, least favorite set, most sentimental set, and of course why on each?

Dear Matt,

My favorite and most sentimental sets are the same.  On Christmas day of 1984, I woke up to a single rectangular box placed by my bed.  My parents had this ingenious idea of keeping me busy so they could sleep a few more hours.  Little did they know that this one present would create a LEGO fan for life.

This bright yellow box was 6080 King’s Castle ( )  The set had it all.  It was gray as a castle should be.  Real castle play features including the rear stairs, jail with wooden door, plate portcullis, columns with attached weaponry, flags, archer towers, main gate, and drawbridge made my day.  The set contained a small army of Lion knights that every kid would love to have.  To this day, few LEGO Castle sets have matched the four archers, two spear men, two axe men, and four mounted knights.  Soon, I built the alternate models on the back of the box and also began to create my own castles with the bricks.  This set has the best selection of gray bricks and plates of any castle set.

The design may not be colorful or incorporate timber frame wall sections like 6074 Black Falcon’s Fortress or 6086 Black Knight’s Castle, but it represents a great medieval military stronghold to me.

My least favorite set growing up was 6016 Knight’s Arsenal ( ).  This set had an odd selection of bricks that I did not build with often.  Unfortunately, it is difficult to make a good alternate model from the bricks in this set, much like some sets today.  Even the minifigure is bland.  It looks like a preliminary model study, which was produced as a set.

I have noticed that fans really appreciate sets from their early childhood regardless of the level of set design.  These are the sets which built our appreciation for the brick. Nothing can take that away from us.



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