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LEGO Deals, Contests, and Pick A Brick

Posted in General Questions, Marketplace by lfanquestions on August 27, 2009

Alex writes:

I would have some questions regarding LEGO and the Lego community:

1. What tips do you have to get LEGO at low prices?

I know about bricklink, eBay has some nice deals (especially when buying lots; this is especially worthwhile when buying together with some friends/lug), deals at, putting things on your christmas wish-list, deducting them as business expenses ;). Anything else?

2. Is there a website listing LEGO contests?

TBB occasionally has some, browsing flickr groups helps too, but is there a website ‘specializing’ in such. If not, do you think it would be worth making one? The programming part is kinda easy, but it would need proper exposure, so people would submit their contests.

3. Why doesn’t TLG allow buying old sets via The Lego Factory (i.e. having old sets amongst fan creations)?

I’m not referring to re-releases. I know they’re not producing all the parts anymore, but certain sets are still doable. Of course there is bricklink… I suppose this has something to do with boosting sales on new sets (since their availability will be limited), not upsetting collectors etc.

Cheers and thanks for your time and effort,


Dear Alex,

Part 1

Deals can be found at the websites you listed.  In the USA, we periodically have twenty five to thirty percent off sales at retail stores such as Walmart, Target, and ToysRUs.  This is an excellent way to stock up on bricks for your collection.  Other countries have sales also, but usually not to the extent as in the United States.  Retail websites such as are great for sales during the holidays.

Even if you do not live in the USA, it is often still a better deal to have a friend buy sets here and ship them to you.  Many fans ship overseas and help each other get sets that are not currently available in their country.

Fans also frequently trade with each other.  The pieces that you do not regularly use may be what another fan needs to complete their latest moc.

Part 2

There is a blog dedicated to listing Lego fan contests but it has not been updated in two years.  The Brothers Brick often blogs about contests ( ).  Community sites dedicated to a Lego theme host large contests each year.  One example is Classic-Castle and their annual Colossal Castle Contest which is held each fall ( ).  A website listing contests would be a great resource. Perhaps a fan like yourself could start one.

Part 3

LEGO Pick A Brick has a limited parts palette, which is not capable of selling old sets at this time.  Selling all of the elements currently found in sets would be a logistics nightmare for LEGO.

Even if these elements were in PAB, the old minifigs still would not be in production to complete the sets.  Bricklink is and always will be a more affordable option to assemble old sets from the parts inventory.

TLG is more concerned about selling new products to collectors than influencing the secondary resale market for vintage sets.  They are trying to create products that many fans want such as the Legends sets and the Vintage Minifig Collections.




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  1. Alex said, on August 27, 2009 at 8:49 am

    Awesome, thanks! 😀

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