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Impact on the Environment

Posted in General Questions by lfanquestions on August 25, 2009

Ham writes:

Since LEGO is made of plastic, I wondered if the LEGO group is actively trying to limit it’s effect on the environment. Also, is it true that most of the bricks are produced in Denmark, or has it been outsourced to China or somewhere else?

Thanks in advance.

Dear Ham,

The LEGO Group is concerned about their impact on the environment.  Check out the pages on their website which go into more detail regarding the environment:

I find the high quality of Lego bricks to be very reassuring.  Lego Bricks are not a throw away toy.  They last for decades.  My family still builds with our bricks that are from the 1950’s.

Hardly any ABS plastic is wasted in the molding process.  Excess plastic is recycled into new bricks or sold to other companies who can use it.  All manufacturers do some harm to the environment.   At the same time they should actively try to minimize their damage to the environment by reducing waste.

Lego bricks are produced in Denmark, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Mexico, and China.  During the company restructuring, some production was moved from Billund, Denmark to other European countries.  It was outsourced to a company, Flextronics.  TLG purchased these plants from Flextronics to ensure a high level of quality and production.

The items produced in China seem to be unique pieces with a limited production run (ie: Jester’s Hat) or animals that need assembly by hand (ie: Large Troll, Taun-Taun).  Those items do not have quality issues.  Recently fans have been upset with the low quality of minifigure “battle packs” and Tic-Tac-Toe sets produced in Asia.  This feedback has been given to the company by the Lego Ambassadors.  Hopefully these problems will be fixed soon.




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