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LEGO Video Games

Posted in General Questions by lfanquestions on August 24, 2009

Bryan writes:

What do you think on the LEGO videogames that have come out, as well as those that are slated for release in the future?

Dear Bryan,

Please note that the opinion below is my own and likely does not represent the online Lego Fan community as a whole:

My personal opinion is that video games should be a minor focus of The LEGO Group.  The company’s strength has always been tactile toys from the first wooden yoyos in the 1930’s to current themes like Lego Creator and Lego City.  I believe that these “hands on” activities are much more beneficial to children than sitting in front of a television or computer screen for hours each day.

Now Lego is outsourcing the production of video games to video game companies.  This is a wise move because it allows TLG to focus on their core toy lines.

Many licensed themes such as Batman, Indiana Jones, and Star Wars already have huge fan communities who expect quality video games.  It makes sense to offer Lego video games for these lines because of their large existing audiences.

I do not think it is necessary to make games for all core Lego lines.  Children should want to play with Lego bricks because it is fun and not because it is tied to a video game.  I also question the large resources given to ventures such as Lego Universe.  Those funds would be better used in improving the development of the core lines, new elements, alternate models, improved packaging, and quality of the existing molding process.


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