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Posted in Marketplace by lfanquestions on August 23, 2009

Jason writes:

Hi I am a good (like moc creator on classic space) Lego fan age 12.

It was a good part of my childhood. My question regards the pod sets launched in 2004.  Is there going to be a comeback on those? I really loved those sets.  I bought like 14! I can’t get anything online so I get them in garage sales. So please help me.

Dear Jason,

It is my understanding that the pod part of the X-pod sets was expensive to produce.  In addition, many of these sets were put on clearance by several large retail chains.  For these reasons, it is unlikely that these sets will be produced again.

Quite a few fans are selling new X-pod sets on for low prices:

My suggestion would be to ask your parents and relatives to buy these sets as birthday or holiday presents for you from BrickLink.  Another option would be to buy Racers sets that are similar in size and price point as the old X-Pod sets.  Major retailers (ToysRUs, Target, Walmart, etc) have these sets right now.


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