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Replacement Stickers

Posted in Marketplace by lfanquestions on August 19, 2009

Mr. A. wrote:

Definitely I am a lego fan who bought tons of lego toys at home.  It is estimated hundred sets or more since my kid was 8.   Now he is 21 and we still collect sets.

About 2 months ago, I wrote their customer service asking for replacement of stickers for my beloved container ship “MAERSK SEALAND” because they peeled off by itself.  I never get a feedback from customer service about my problem.  Now my question is: Does anyone know if they still carry this model which was launched 2-3 years ago heretofore?  Their customer service is not willing to help out their fans (after-sales service).

Could you guys help!!
Thank you

Dear Mr. A.,

Please see the following links for online stores where you can purchase copies of the Maersk Sealand stickers:

In defense of LEGO Customer Service, the model has been discontinued for a number of years and they likely do not have spare stickers from 2004 sets.  Stickers and pieces from a large number of discontinued sets can be found at




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