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I want to give LEGO ideas for new sets

Posted in Set Design by lfanquestions on August 19, 2009

Mr. W. wrote:

I’ve made some pretty good lego creations.  People say I’m a lego master (I can’t complain with that).  Anyway, back to the creations.  What if I want to give the lego company some ideas for new lego sets?  Who can I contact to give the instructions to make the lego sets?  If it all works out that I can do all that, do i get any of the profit if they sell it?  Please contact me back as soon as you guys can. Hope to get your response soon.

Dear Mr. W.,
All LEGO sets are designed in Billund, Denmark by the LEGO Product Designers.  Periodically they have job openings and post these here:

If you are interested in becoming a product designer in the future, I would suggest taking many art and design classes.  They are usually looking for designers in their mid 20’s to 30’s with degrees in product design, graphic design, or architecture.

One great way have your designs sold by LEGO is to use LEGO Factory: This site will allow you to make virtual models with LEGO Digital Designer, create instructions, and purchase your own model.  Others builders can also purchase your model.  Currently fans who design LEGO Factory models are not compensated.




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