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Posted in General Questions by lfanquestions on August 18, 2009

Welcome!  Do you have a Lego related question and can not find the answer?  Let us help you.  Check back daily to read questions by LEGO fans from around the world.
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  1. polywen said, on August 21, 2009 at 5:39 pm

    My understanding is that one can buy a K2 shipping box of PaB from Lego Stores for $70 – $75. Is there a way to request specific kinds of parts be routed to stores? For examples, Element ID: 4211508, the technic pneumatic T piece. It is a Pick a Brick piece, but you never see it in the in store PaB. Members of my LUG would be very interested in acquiring quantities of this part. I’ve tried many different ways, but it seems impossible. I have to believe that somewhere in Lego Corporate, someone has the job to decide what PaB assortments get sent out to the stores. I was hoping we could maybe send this person a request.

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